Cleanroom Testing Services

Cleanrooms play critical roles in maintaining contamination free production environments for critical processes. A well-executed cleanroom testing and certification program is essential to proper cleanroom maintenance and operation and regulatory compliance. In accordance with ISO 14644, IEST RP CC006 and NEBB Certified Cleanroom Performance Testing Guidelines, Airtest provides comprehensive cleanroom testing and certification services including:

HEPA filter integrity testing*
Airflow profiling and uniformity testing
Particulate monitoring
Room pressurization monitoring
Air Pattern Analysis and Video Recording
Temperature and humidity monitoring
Lights, noise, and vibration monitoring

*Recently released FDA Aseptic Processing Guidelines underscore the critical role which aerosol photometers play in the integrity testing of HEPA filters. For more information on proper integrity testing of HEPA filters and a free consultation on whether or not your cleanroom testing program is in compliance with cGMP FDA Guidelines, contact us today.